Rules and regulations for flying drones for the UA community

April 6, 2021

What does UA need to know, and why?


Yuma Center of Excellence for Drone Agriculture, drone in flight
Yuma Center of Excellence for Drone Agriculture Drone in flight

In addition to the Federal and State regulations for flying drones, the University of Arizona has additional requirements. The University also provides benefits and support for authorized drones, operators, and flights.

Failing to follow the rules for flying drones in public or outside spaces may have serious consequences. Fortunately, Risk Management helps out by providing resources and essential support for flights.

Risk management has put together an article titled Drones on Campus providing relevant information on what's needed to fly drones for UA, and on UA property. Other links are also provided in the article to assist you. Be sure to check out the article for up-to-date information!

UA-provided insurance coverage is one of the biggest benefits available to properly registered operators and flights. After registering your drone's and operator's information, fill out and submit a Drone Approval Request to make sure you are properly covered for any unforeseen events.

So fly those drones! Just make sure you are in compliance.

This article is condensed from the March 22, 2021 meeting notes which are available on HackMD. The notes contain additional information and links that may be of interest.